Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day of Coordinator
Many brides confuse the role of wedding planner and day of coordinator. Each are necessary to pull off a smooth and flawless wedding it just depends on how much help is needed to plan your big day. In this day and age, many brides are doing much of the work themselves to cut cost and to place their own personal seal on their wedding for guests to see and enjoy. If you don't have anything- a Day of Coordinator is a MUST.

Day of Coordinators typically meet with the bride and groom a month before the wedding day, visit the venue location and ensure everything is on track with vendors and the bridal party. They pick and ask questions to ensure the bride and groom are happy with the decisions made and that everything for the ceremony and reception runs on course as planned. On the "day of" they arrive well before guests arrive to ensure decorations are prepared and in place, each vendor arrives on time and does their part and that the bridal party is in their places once the ceremony is ready to begin. They guide and cue the reception activities for an efficient, yet enjoyable time for all. At the end of it all, your Day of Coordinator is there to ensure the bride and groom are off safely, decorations and gifts are packed and safe and that the venue is back in satisfactory order. Many times they are the last to leave.

The tough part for brides is letting go and allowing the Day of Coordinator to do what they were hired to do- which is to allow them to enjoy their wedding day. Up to this point the bride and quite possibly, family and friends have prepared everything from seating arrangements to florals-and the Coordinator ends up receiving input from MANY different people. This can be very frustrating and confusing for the Day of Coordinator and places the bride and groom in an awkward position. It's imperative that they share with everyone exactly what the Day of Coordinator is there for- to ensure a flawless wedding that is enjoyable for all!

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Picture: JC Weddings 2010

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Glamours Top 5 Fall Wedding Dresses

Go to the Glamour website and see The Top 5 Most Breathtaking Wedding Dresses of Fall 2011 Bridal Week. This Monique Lhuillier dreamboat is one of my favorites! Absolutely breathtaking...

Wedding gown with adorned neckline moniquelhuillier.com

 Source: www.glamour.com - Glamour Weddings