Friday, November 26, 2010

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

1) Make sure to select a shoe that not only compliments the style of the dress but YOU as well. Divas can wear stilettos, hippie chicks: maybe a cute care- free sandal or if it's a beach wedding- no shoes at all!

2) Take your shoes with you when selecting your dress. That way you can check how the dress hangs against the shoe or if you can see them.

3) Consider the height of your fiance. Does your heel need to be flat, mid or high?

4) Think about the fabric of your gowns. If it is silk or satin make sure your shoes are as well. Crepe or raw-silk shoes look best with tulle or chiffon fabrics.

5) If there are rhinestones or embellishments like pearls on your gown or headpiece, match your shoe stones to those. Make sure to wear jewels with the stones, etc. 

6) Most important, BE COMFORTABLE! You will be standing and dancing in them all day and night so make sure your feet are happy!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter DIY Project...

Crystal Candle Table Numbers 

While we used petite numbers for our intimate table, they can easily be made larger, or adhered directly onto illuminated centerpiece vases if you are using your own.

Strips of small adhesive crystals
Small frosted votive candle holders

Step 1: Clean candle holders, assemble materials

Step 2: Decide on font/style for your numbers. If you don’t want to place them freestyle, print each number out and temporarily place inside candle holder to use as a template.

Step 3: Remove crystal strips from package, and place onto candle holder, tracing the template or creating each number freestyle as you go! Crystals can be removed and replaced easily until desired look is achieved. Cut off any extra crystals.

Step 4: Fill in any gaps with single crystals.
Further embellish the candle holders with more crystals, monograms or designs to suit your style.
Crystal Candle Table Numbers by Custom Paper Works


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bouquet Charms

Brides and grooms today are finding ways to honor the loved ones that won't be attending the wedding. Using bouquet charms can add a special touch to the bride's bouquet, and the groom's boutonniere and the mom's wrist corsage. You can also use them for your engagement pictures or give as a wedding favor. Find some of ours here.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Use A Fake Cake

This is a fairly new service that  I just learned about and I wanted to share it!

In a bad economy, couples are looking for ways to cut costs and yet pull off special and elaborate affairs for their wedding days. Another great way to incorporate "WOW" in to your big day...FAKE WEDDING CAKES.

This is done by allowing a company like Ultimate Wedding Cakes to create your dream wedding cake. This fake cake is made of styrofoam decorated with either Perma Icing or Fondant Frosting. Most wedding cakes go for about $3.50/slice and for wedding receptions with 150 or more guests...well, that can be expensive.  A decorated fake cake from Ultimate Cakes can start as low as $110 dollars and can serve as a lovely centerpiece of your wedding reception. Sheet cakes are served instead to your guests resulting in amazing savings to your budget. 

Another great way to add some "WOW" to your day- and SAVE at the same time!

"Elegant Scrolls" and it's FAKE!