Monday, November 23, 2009

The Details of Your Big Day

With so many ideas, trends and personal touches that can be added to your wedding day, it can become overwhelming trying to decide what you want to have as a part of your big day and what the bridal magazines can keep to themselves. Some 'extras' added to your big day that are certainly not a necessity can be:

  • Bathroom Baskets - those pretty little holders of personal grooming and refreshing packets that are laid out in the restrooms for your guests
  • Signage leading to the ceremony site - some creative couples have posted signs along the pathway showing guests where the main event will be held
  • Programs, menus and posted signs - expressing your theme in more subtle touches, these extras can be a way of expressing your own personal style as well as mentioning special guests or ceremony rituals that some may not follow very easily
  • Photobooths and Candy Buffets - these hot trends can often 'wow' your guests and give them something to do in addition to visiting and dancing during the reception. They can also serve as a take home favor that most people will truly enjoy
  • Kids Activity Rooms - this concept can often be a saving grace for parents looking to have a good time and misbehaving or bored children looking to go home. Creating an area with party supplies for the little ones to keep them occupied while other festivities are going on. This can include activity books, games, toys, and even a face painter or magician.
Look at these "wow" details:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

How to make iced branches for centerpieces

You can create incredible iced branch displays for weddings, receptions, windows and home decorating by using branches. You can even add lights if you want to make them twinkle in the candlelight.

Materials needed:

Tree branches [artificial or real]
Tacky Glue
Colorfill Diamond Vase Filler [1 lb or 2 lb size]

Step 1.

Place a sheet of newspaper down for a work area. Pour a pile of Colorfill Diamonds (add German glass glitter for extra sparkle) in the center.

Step 2.

Place tacky glue on the branches and smooth it out along the branch(not in big clumps). Then fold the paper slightly up to keep the contents in the center. Roll the branch in the Diamonds (and glitter). Let set for about 45 minutes. Now work on the opposite side of the branch. Wait 1/2 hour and you have ice covered branches. easy as that!

You can also add artificial moss or red berries to some of the branches or even pine cones to add some special effects.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

BRIDES: Questions You Should Ask Your Videographer

One of the biggest crazes that never seems to fade is the use of a videographer to capture your most treasured day. With so many vendors to choose from, how do you narrow down your selection and get the most for your money? Make sure you cover these questions when meeting with your videographer one on one:

1) How long have you been in business and how many videos have you produced to date?

2) May I see samples of each kind of  'style' you produce such as vintage, documentary, cinematic?

3) If not you, who exactly will be filming my day and how many people and cameras will be used?

4) Have you ever filmed at my particular wedding site? [If so, view the film]

5) What kind of equipment do you use and how old is it? [Educate yourself on what you want used]

6) Do you do special effects with the film? Can I add my own music? Can I advise you on who to interview and specific shots I want included in my final dvd?

7) What exactly is your rate and payment schedule, travel and overtime fees and can I review your contract?

8) How many dvd's will I receive in  my package? Will the raw footage be available for purchase?

9) What kind of back up plan do you have in case your equipment fails to operate that day?

10) When can I expect my final product to be delivered to me and I can I speak to some of your past clients?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Road to the Aisle

Do these aisles add a new pizazz to the event? You bet! don't be afraid to curve out a bit and make some of your decor simply be the way to get there. These looks will a new wow to any event and can often make a smaller area appear bigger just by curving things up. Photos by Firefly Occasions

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wedding Cakes That Say Wow

Each tier is frosted in delightful designs and have original shapes!  Love the brown and green combos to highlight a "Go Green" Wedding Theme
Photo by: Get Married 
Cake by: Sugar Chefs

This ensemble will surely be talked about many months after the wedding. This decadent death by chocolate cake dreamed up by Ron Ben Israel, has chocolate filling surrounded by chocolate and adorned with flowers made entirely of sugar.        Photo by: Israel

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Ring Bowl

Making your wedding unique can often be a challenge. This spin off on the typical ring bearer's pillow is from Paloma's Nest-the work of Caroline Colom Vasquez. Each piece made by her is hand-crafted out of the finest and most natural materials like wood, cloth, porcelain, and paper and is meant to be an heirloom piece to pass down from generation to generation. If you are looking to add some uniqueness to your special day, visit their site to see all the different items that are now becoming trends!

A Picture Says It All

About a year ago, my artistic husband [Antonio of A Pope Design] drew a picture of he and I that I simply adored. Within my own wedding planning I further took the 'sketch' idea and incorporated it throughout our whole fall wedding theme. We used these photos on top of our Save-The-Date boxes, the back side of our rehearsal dinner invites, inside our wedding programs and as a lead in to our wedding website

In addition, for our bridal party gifts, he drew a 16x20 self portrait of each member on cloth and we had it framed with our fall theme and gave it to them at our rehearsal dinner. They were shocked and amazed and I believe they like the personal touch we showed them on our special day. They were generous enough to allow us to display their photos on easels surrounding our sign in table at the wedding before taking them home after the big celebration.

Make This UP!

Stacey Mayo is a make up artist expert! She can transform, highlight, minimize and change a canvas to make any one feel the most beautiful they can be! Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Stacey for my own wedding [October 24, 2009] and she was phenominal! She transformed me into a bride that made me feel like a princess all day long. Thanks Stacey for making me and my girls feel so beautiful on my wedding!

Some sage advice from Stacey:   Bridal makeup should be a natural, timeless and flawless look. The makeup should enhance your features to make you look picture perfect. Stay away from trendy makeup that will "date" you in your wedding day photos. False eyelashes, whether strip or individual, are a perfect way to add drama to your eyes, without adding more makeup.
Photo by Jet Kaiser of Kasier Productions

You and Your Videographer

My own personal wedding was this past October 24th [2009]. Our videographer team was outstanding! Jet and Dani Kaiser of Kaiser Productions are such an awesome husband and wife team to work with in the Indiana area. Their attention to detail, professional image and outstanding abilities made all the precious moments come to life. We hardly knew they were ever there however the sneak peeks we have received of our special day lets us know they have captured every memory for us. Soon we will have our dvd to show, but here are a few shots of their spectacular work!