Monday, October 12, 2009

Biggest Mistakes Wedding Guests Make

Are you planning your wedding? Is it time to get those invitation RSVP's so you can finish your catering order and layout that seating chart? Here are some of the rules guests' break without even realizing it!

1) Don't bother to send in RSVP card
Some guests don't realize the importance of sending in their rsvp cards by the deadline specified. They treat it as a novelty instead of a useful planning tool in order to finish the planning process. If you are battling this, wait a week after the deadline and then get on the phone to get an actual confirmation on who is coming.

2) Sending RSVP's with added guests
Don't be surprised if many of your rsvp's will have two, three or even more added guests. Although the intentions may be good, financially if you can't foot the bill for the addeded guests you will have to all and advise your guests that you simply to not have room in the budget or the facility to accomodate the additions but you still hope they will come.

3) Drinking too much
Although an open bar may be provided, it doesn't mean you have to consume all the contents. Guests can not always control how they act after too much alcohol and can embarress the bride and groom as well as themselves.

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