Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Choose a location that reflects your lifestyle. If you enjoy outdoor recreation, then a park or hiking trail could be a great location for you. If you are more likely to relax at home, then we could take photos at your house or favorite coffee shop. If you're more drawn to a city lifestyle, we could wander around an urban area for your portraits. Think about your hobbies, sports, and daily activities, and pick a setting that will be meaningful to you when you look at the photos many years from now.


The best time of day for portraits is about two hours before sunset, when the sun is lower in the sky and the light is flattering.


Wear clothing that is comfortable and will not distract. You may end up doing a lot of walking during your photo shoot, so wear comfortable shoes. Choose colors that look good like solid colors or simple patterns; avoid bold patterns that will draw attention away from your faces in the photos.

Make up

Wear the same style of make up that you would wear on a normal day. Select colors that look natural on your skin tone, and avoid experimenting with new colors before the photo shoot. Consider bringing powder or blotting papers to eliminate shine during the photo shoot. You want to look like yourself in these photos, so avoid experimentation with makeup colors or hairstyles.


Plan an experience that will make the photo shoot fun for you both. Bring your guitar, ride your bikes, go to the zoo, or go somewhere special.