Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Are you registering for gifts for your wedding? Is so, below are some helpful tips that might make the task a little easier:
  • Many stores are beginning to offer a registry service, as the days of one traditional store are becoming less popular
  • Make an extensive list of what it is you really need and want
  • Don’t be afraid to register at more than one store, this practice is perfectly acceptable and it helps ensure that your gifts are well suited to you
  • Do something different that fits your personality and lifestyle; many galleries, artisans and specialty boutiques offer registries for unique handmade gifts
  • Choose items in a variety of prices to make gifts accessible for all budgets
  • You should choose more gifts than guests to allow for more choice
  • Inquire how long your registry will be available as many guests like to choose holiday and anniversary gifts from a couples registry all through their first year of marriage
  • Think outside of the box: you can register with your favorite cause or charity in lieu of gifts
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