Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Creative & Inexpensive Centerpieces

For Wine Lovers: Have wine bottles do double duty by covering existing labels with large, graphic numbers. Guests can drink to your good fortune--& your good taste!

Citrus Arrangement: Tie taffeta ribbons secured with pins around ripe lemons & grapefruits & pile them into a beautiful glass compote. Coordinate them with your menu for a colorful and bright arrangement!

Cup of Tea: Flowers fade but beautiful china is forever! Collect teacups & saucers at flea markets, or for a sweeter touch borrow from family members. Stack & secure with museum wax, place votive in the cups & embellish with a rose or two. Cheers to an elegant & super inexpensive centerpiece!

Ripe Fruit Centerpiece: Let fresh tomatoes from your local farmers markets double as centerpieces & wedding favors. Display in cute baskets & tag with each guest or family name. Enjoy!

Tapered Candles: In lieu of floral arrangements, create a centerpiece of sleek tapers in a variety of shapely glass candlesticks. Find unique, inexpensive styles at your local home decor stores.

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