Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Dream Wedding

I'm a huge fan of the show My Fair Wedding with David Tutera. Most brides know what I'm talking about but just in case you don't: A bride may have ideas for her wedding- the theme, flowers, the venue and of course the dress! Some ideas are great but others- not so. But 3 weeks before the big day- David Tutera, celebrity wedding planner shows up and takes their ideas of their dream wedding and changes it ALL! The brides have some pretty grandiose themes like Monopoly and the Wizard of Oz and with David- everything ends up transformed to elegant and magically beautiful weddings!

So I was thinking if I could have David for my big day...what would my dream theme wedding look like? I'm pretty low-key and anybody that knows me knows that I've said time and time again- no big huge dress or expensive venues for me! A small island, mom, dad and just us is fine with me! ...But what if I changed my mind- how crazy could I get with David? Growing up some of my favorite TV shows were Gidget and The Monkeys on Nicklodeon. 
How about a Retro Wedding complete with the perfect dress, car and soda fountain bar for guests? 
dress found on
I'm a music lover and I adore these cute tambourine favors I saw on or how about personalized guitar picks?
personalized picks from
tambourine favors found on

My guy is from Ohio- so a SPORTS themed wedding complete with a Ohio State football wedding cake would be a dream!
Ohio State cake from
 Watching the show certainly makes you think the possibilities are endless for a wedding of my dreams. Who knows when my day will come. So,until then...I'll keep dreaming!

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