Thursday, May 13, 2010


1) Have a BBQ at a friends house where you can sit back, relax and enjoy family and friends. You then will provide a easy environment to introduce and meet each others family and have more time to visit with out of town relatives. You can have each member of the bridal party bring a side dish and have a great place for the kids to play while the grown folks visit.

2) Go Bowling! This sends a clear message of relaxing and letting your hair down before the big day. Some will have private rooms where you can have pizza or snacks and it gives the 'guys' something to do beside feel like everything is about the bride.

3) Take a dip! As long as the weather permits you can have a swim party and have a local food joint cater the affair or have a pitch in to keep it light.

4) Create a themed affair. If the wedding wasn't able to encompass all the styles that you fell in love with while planning the big event, then the Rehearsal Dinner can be a carryover and let your style soar. Whether it be a Hawaiin Event, Wine Themed Soiree or Sports Team Heaven, the rehearsal dinner can be a fun event where you can forget all your nervous chitters and enjoy those that helped you get to the big day.