Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter DIY Project...

Crystal Candle Table Numbers 

While we used petite numbers for our intimate table, they can easily be made larger, or adhered directly onto illuminated centerpiece vases if you are using your own.

Strips of small adhesive crystals
Small frosted votive candle holders

Step 1: Clean candle holders, assemble materials

Step 2: Decide on font/style for your numbers. If you don’t want to place them freestyle, print each number out and temporarily place inside candle holder to use as a template.

Step 3: Remove crystal strips from package, and place onto candle holder, tracing the template or creating each number freestyle as you go! Crystals can be removed and replaced easily until desired look is achieved. Cut off any extra crystals.

Step 4: Fill in any gaps with single crystals.
Further embellish the candle holders with more crystals, monograms or designs to suit your style.
Crystal Candle Table Numbers by Custom Paper Works