Friday, November 26, 2010

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

1) Make sure to select a shoe that not only compliments the style of the dress but YOU as well. Divas can wear stilettos, hippie chicks: maybe a cute care- free sandal or if it's a beach wedding- no shoes at all!

2) Take your shoes with you when selecting your dress. That way you can check how the dress hangs against the shoe or if you can see them.

3) Consider the height of your fiance. Does your heel need to be flat, mid or high?

4) Think about the fabric of your gowns. If it is silk or satin make sure your shoes are as well. Crepe or raw-silk shoes look best with tulle or chiffon fabrics.

5) If there are rhinestones or embellishments like pearls on your gown or headpiece, match your shoe stones to those. Make sure to wear jewels with the stones, etc. 

6) Most important, BE COMFORTABLE! You will be standing and dancing in them all day and night so make sure your feet are happy!