Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here some uniquely cool wedding trends that I found as I was persuing the web today. Have any more? Share with us on Facebook!

Mix the table shapes at your reception...

(Picture credit: Ace Party Rentals)

This picture of a beautiful summer outdoor reception allows for guests to be seated at longer banquet table and rounds. Interchanging the banquets and rounds throughout the reception makes for an elegant, less coordinated look. This ideas is great for garden receptions for a more rustic feel. A variety of chairs could also be used to pull it all together.

Purple & Siver Candy Buffet by Jameson Creations

We've shared it before but Candy buffets and bars are still a growing trend at weddings! Brides have expanded in to other unique ideas for their bars and buffets such as desserts bars featuring cupcakes and cakes, brownies and cookies. Doughnuts were a recent request from one of our brides as well as popcorn and hot chocolate bars...great to warm guests up at a winter wedding!    

Our September 2010 couple!
Shovanna & Jason Burcham
Another really great trend is brides and groom walking down different aisles and meeting at the front of all their guests. People have really seemed to appreciate the out of the ordinary of the groom standing in one aisle as his bride comes up another. It's so romantic as the bride is given away and then walks across the front to meet her husband to be! Ain't Love Grand!

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