Friday, May 20, 2011

Salt Ceremony

I love weddings and I am always excited to see what the couple can and will do to create a special or unique moment on their wedding day. I've witnessed many unique and special unity or memorial ceremonies and I never tire of seeing new ones. The Salt Ceremony was done at the wedding of Ray & Ann this past weekend and was so special and beautiful as the officiant shared its significance

When you perform the Salt Covenant, you are combining your individual grains of salt, symbolizing your united life. Your commitment to one another and to God cannot be broken unlesss you can separate your salt from your husband or wife-to-be (Salt Ceremonies, 2011)

The salt ceremony can be performed several ways. The bride and groom can have separate vials of salt and pour them into a "unity" container or as Ann & Ray did by taking a pinch of salt out of a beautiful container and placing several grains on each others tongues.
 What type of memorable ceremony will you do for your wedding?
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